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So you've been attending for a few weeks or months, and you think this is the church you'd like to stay at long term. You come to one of our pastors and say "hey, how can I get more involved here?" The answer is probably going to be "become a church member."

In the Bible, Christians are commanded to be accountable to their leaders, to keep watch over one another, to choose elders from among them, and, when someone among them is sadly fallen into sin, to hold that person accountable. Taking Paul's metaphor of the church as a body, we express what it means to follow these commands as membership. We encourage everyone to be a member at some good gospel preaching church - if it's not here, there are other faithful churches in the area. Here are a few we partner with.

Every member must:
The whole congregation votes to accept members. Each member is expected to be faithful in attendance, to be submit to the leadership of the church, and, if they're 16 or older, has the right to vote on various issues: elders, constitutional changes, budget, and church discipline issues.