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The Covenant of Gospel Grace Baptist Church

The covenant binds us together as a promise to God, to each other, and to ourselves of how we will seek to live like Jesus together.
Every member affirms this church covenant. Each line is taken from the Scriptures.
1. Being made by God into a holy nation, a royal priesthood,
and a people for God’s own choosing,
we joyfully affirm our covenant together:

2. Loved dearly by God in Christ Jesus,
we will love Him who first loved us,
and we will walk in brotherly love,
by working and praying toward unity,
by regarding one another as more important than ourselves,
by bearing with one another’s difficulties,
by exercising spiritual gifts for one another’s good,
by admonishing one another with the truth,
and by putting away all forms of destructive talk.

3. Brought together by God,
we will come together regularly to worship God
and to build one another up
by participating in song,
in prayer,
in the Lord’s Supper
and in the reading and preaching of the Holy Scriptures.

4. Encouraged by the intercession of the Holy Spirit,
we will intercede for one another in prayer.

5. Called as children of God,
we will treasure our Heavenly Father’s discipline of us,
by seeking full maturity in Christ,
by confessing our sins to one another,
by submitting to the discipline of the church,
by exercising affectionate care and watchfulness over one another,
by pleading for the repentance of those who sin against us,
and by continually forgiving one another.

6. Blessed richly in Christ Jesus,
we will contribute our riches and effort cheerfully, regularly, and richly to the support of church ministry,
to the relief of the poor, to the care of widows and orphans,
and to the spread of the Gospel through all nations.

7. Made free from sin by Christ Jesus,
we will live in the world as holy and set apart from it
by denying ungodliness and the passions of the flesh.

Conclusion: May all Heaven and Earth see God’s manifold wisdom revealed through His church.